John Cooper Clarke

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Hier ein Thread bei Talk Ivy von John Gall:


und ein super Interview:


"IDLER: What else did you get up to in the Sixties?

CLARKE: I was a mod – it’s the only youth cult I’ve ever actually been a whole hearted member of. The great thing about mod was that it was a very snobbish movement. We went to a club in Manchester called the Twisted Wheel – it was the mod club of the country. We used to get people form all over. It was the first place I heard soul music. You never heard any guitar music there – it was all Stax, Motown, Memphis Horns, Booker T and the MGs. Guitar solos not allowed. Strict dress codes, no guitars. At the Twisted Wheel, by 1965, you didn’t actually call yourself a mod any more. People in Burnley called themselves mods, people with targets on their parkas. We called ourselves “stylists” – and shoplifting was the big national sport of the stylists. You’d go to John Michael and pinch things – ��80 sunglasses. It was a full time job. Food wasn’t high on the agenda, there was no hip food. You blew your wad on cloth, not even records."

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RE: John Cooper Clarke

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CLARKE: Baldness used to be the kiss of death as far as pulling was concerned. It was time to buy the mustard cardigan and the gardening supplies. You go bald now and it’s not the end of the world. It’s all down to role models. There are peope who look like that who are cool people.

Interessant dass senfgelbe Strickjacken Ende der Sechziger unter den Skinheads als cool galten. Die androgenetische Alopezie vielleicht nicht unbedingt, aber doch zumindest sehr kurzes Haupthaar...

Wollten die Skins einfach wie alte Säcke aussehen?

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